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Priority Definition Example Consumer Impact CCT Est. Response Time
Low Planned activity or minor inconvenience with a workaround - no impact on work. Fix spelling of a name in Revation contact list, approval of a resume, or adding a new staff or volunteer to a tool (planned adds). None 7-10 days
Medium Inconvenience but impact on work is low. Unable to obtain a report that is due in a week. None 2 business days
High Major inconvenience with a troubling workaround and high impact on work. Call quality is low but specialist is able to speak to clients. Slight 1 business day
Critical Work Stoppage. Someone cannot do part of their work until resolved.  There is no workaround. Web Referral record not saving properly or Linklive not functioning and specialist cannot take calls. Direct 4 – 6 hours
Fatal Work Stoppage. Someone cannot work at all until resolved.  This may include potential damage to a client or the data/tools such as a termination of an employee. Tool is not operational at all and data could be lost. Immediate termination of staff. Immediate Immediate

2. Error message (if any) - If you're seeing an error message, please copy and paste it here.
Have you tried any of the following:
-Refreshed your page?
-Logged off/logged back in again?
-Reboot your computer?
Or, has your network experienced any of the following that might have caused an issue?
-Network interruption?
-Network/Server upgrade?

3. *Impact of the problem - i.e. "Can't save record" or "Can't hear callers".
Be specific. The more descriptive details provided, the quicker the fix.

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